Self Referral For Local Services

Most referrals to other specialists will require you seeing or speaking with a GP, however, there are a number of services that you are able to make self-referrals to.

Click the link below for our online referral form.

NHS e-Referral Tracking

If your doctor has referred you to a specialist for further care you will receive a letter directly from the hospital.

Current waiting lists are extremely long and it may take some time for the hospital to contact you.

For further information on the current waiting time please contact the hospital directly or you have been given the information to book an appointment directly via the ‘NHS e-Referral’ system you will be able to track your e-referral on the website you will need to provide the following information which can be obtained from the practice:

  • Booking Reference number
  • Password 

To track an e-Referral, click here.

Fast Track Referral

A fast track referral happens when your GP has concerns that your symptoms might suggest cancer. They make a referral to the hospital and an appointment to see a specialist is usually arranged within two weeks.

The hospital will contact you by telephone to schedule the appointment or any tests you might need.

If you do not hear back within 2 weeks, or you are developing worsening symptoms, then please contact the practice. More information about your referral can be found at: